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Welcome to the About page of my blogs. My name is Yue Xiao. I am a Chinese PhD student in Delft University of Technology (TU Delft), the Netherlands. My research field is bituminous materials and asphalt pavement design.

Here is the My CV pageMy personal profile in TU DelftMy publicationsMy Google Citations, and My interview on TU Delft News.

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我的中文博客 | My Chinese Blog

我的中文博客以生活中的所见所闻所感为主要内容;未来若是回到以中文为工作语言的环境时,工作和科研内容也可能发表在此。My Chinese blog is currently focus on my daily life during my PhD study in Holland.

我的英文博客 | My English Blog

On my English blog, I will update with technical knowledge and scientific research about road engineering, specifically in my research field which is Materials (Asphalt based) and Pavement Design. At the meantime, I will share my daily stories, research tips and my feelings during my PhD life. 我的英文博客内容多是专业相关的知识,或科研相关信息的简单介绍。

Others: 我的网络文摘博客 | My Internet Reading Notes 我的网络文摘博客以转载在网络上阅读到的个人比较欣赏和关注的内容,主要包括政治经济社会人文历史等。My internet reading notes blog includes different topics of posts from internet that I am interest on. The topics contents Chinese politics, economics, societies, cultures and histories.

Wish you a nice day.