Time flies: in the queue and on the line

Time is really flying. They can easily fly away, fly away with our dreams, hopes and futures. When I came to here to start my PhD in 2008, I thought 4 years or 5 years was going to be a long time. I even worried how I could go through this long time.

However, time is really different at the very beginning when we started something and at the end when we finished something. When I started this PhD, it was a long long journey for me and I could not see the end. Sometimes it makes me stressful because I do not want to stay in the campus for my whole life. I am struggling on how to find my right way to the defense.

After three years, with seeing several defenses of my colleagues, I really feel time flying too fast. They took away all my time, destroyed all my plans and proposals. When the older colleagues graduated, when the fresh men became older colleagues, I am almost standing in front of the queue to the finish point, climbing on the line to get to the upside of Prof.’s reading list.

My officemate is going to graduate, one year older colleagues are in the writing process. Properly at this time next year, I have to start writing my book which may be going to be more than 200 pages.

Struggling in the queue, climbing on the line, I find at this moment I that I haven’t done sufficient research to reach reasonable results and conclusions, which could be presented in my dissertation. Three years passed, I am still standing there with blank structure of my dissertation and confusing proposal of my research plan. I dreamed tomorrow would be the defense day at the beginning, but now when I witness every colleagues who started before me are busy in reaching the finish line, I really wish I have more time to learn and more chances to try to make my work better.

Time flies. Every one of us are standing in the queue, climbing on the line to the finish point. When the finish point becomes another starting point, our new journey starts again.