The Increasing Prices of Asphalt Binders

It is difficult to say what is the price for bitumen binders. Its price varies word widely. Also, their prices depend on the binder type and binder properties. Modified binders with better quality obviously has higher price. Here we take two examples to have a brief overview of how the bitumen binder price increases in the past.

1. Louisiana Department of Transportation: The following monthly “price indices” was established  for use in making price adjustments for asphalt cement and fuels used in construction contracts. Special provisions for payment adjustments for asphalt materials are included in applicable contracts. Also, please be advised that we will exclude from the asphalt index calculations any asphalt price quotation that exceeds ±25 percent of the average of all asphalt prices submitted. We believe that by excluding the extreme outliers, the adjusted asphalt price index will be a better indication of pricing trends.

Monthly price of asphalt in the past two and half years from Louisiana

2. The Two MACMP (Monthly Asphalt Cement Material Price) prices were established each month by the Agency and will be based on the published prices of PG 64 22 asphalt cement furnished by Poten & Partners, Inc.  One MACMP will be based on the average prices for the Pacific Northwest, Portland Oregon area and the other MACMP will be based on the average prices for the Boise Idaho area.  Each MACMP for a given month will be the average of the published prices for that MACMP for each Friday in that month.  Both established prices will be per ton FOB supplier’s terminal. 

Monthly price of asphalt in the past one and half years of PG 64-22

From the two figures, it is clearly to see that the price of bitumen (asphalt) binders increased a lot at the end of 2011. While within 2011 and 2012, the prices did not increase that much. At time time, PG 64-22 asphalt binder is around 600 US dollars per ton, while price for PG 70-22 and PG 76-22 can reach to 700 US dollars.

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