What is Antiskid Surfacing for Road Pavement?

In pavement applications, antiskid surfacing is a type of surfacing layer that constructed by first spraying a adhesive materials (usually modified bitumen emulsion) onto the surface, then followed with high polish value aggregate. The main goal of using antiskid surfacing is to achieve durable high friction surface for improving the skid resistance, hence to decrease the potential traffic accident.  

Due to its high friction, antiskid surfacing can be applied on asphalt, macadam and concrete surface. Specially, coloured antiskid are also widely used to warn drivers of dangerous sections and mark different functional zones.

Working process

Normally, an antiskid surfacing is applied in this procedure: Closing traffic , cleaning pavement > Make the adhesive level > Cover with the stone (uniform gradation aggregate are used)> Cleaning and open for the traffic.

Advantages of Antiskid Surfacing

1. It can be operated under normal temperature.

2. The operation area has low requirements, as one-way road’s area is enough for operation.

3. Relatively low cost, which is half cheaper that other solutions.

4. Small thickness and light weight enables it not to increase the loading of roads and bridges, or the headroom of tunnels and height-permitted sections.

5. Containing no solvent or lead; harmless, environmentally safe; strong corrosion resistance to kerogen, oil, gas, kerosene and deicing salt.

6. Convenient for cleaning and low maintenance cost.

Requirements for Binders

1. Strong cohesiveness, able to be cohered tightly with underneath layer such as asphalt, concrete, break stone metal and wooden surface.

2. Tensile, flexible, extensible, not easy to embrittle and get loose, functionally well under extreme temperatures.

3. Great water resistance, chemical resistance and wear resistance.

Coloured Antiskid Pavement

Color Antiskid Pavement is a machine or hand applied, coloured, skid resistant surfacing system which is suitable for application on asphalt, macadam and concrete surfaces. The system comprises a binder (usually pigmented and epoxy based) which is dressed with natural coloured or pigmented aggregate, typically calcined bauxite or granite, and provides a durable, surface treatment for traffic breaking and similar applications.

Color Antiskid Pavement has high surface friction, which can greatly enhance driving security. Hence, it is applicable to arterial street and collector streets overbridges, sidewalks, communal roads and parking lot.

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