Hot Pavement: How Hot Can Pavements Get?

It is funning to find this question when I was Google “hot pavement”: My husband and I have been walking every night for the past couple of months with Gracie.  It has been getting in the 80′s F the last few days, which got me to wondering how hot does the pavement get and what temperature does it have to get where it will burn a dog’s feet on the pavement?

Well, mostly the answer is that I think it depends on the dog. Although in summer time, the Hot pavement can get really hot.  Anyway, Let’s try to explain how hot the hot pavement will be in summer time.

Scientifically, asphalt mixture pavement and concrete pavement are the most widely used pavement.  Footway for pedestrians and dogs also include these two types. The graph below shows the shows the daily temperature of a Phoenix street (USA) with their relations air temperature. In the figure, asphalt represents a dense graded asphalt, while concrete represents Portland concrete. Figure shows the surface temperature of asphalt pavement can reach to around 50 C degree higher than air temperature. Its highest surface T reaches to 172 F. Concrete pavement surface temperature is about 30 C degree higher at the noon time.

It is obviously to see that the asphalt pavement is hotter than concrete. May be we can say this is another reason that why it is called as hot mix asphalt pavement.

Based on studies on emergency medical personnel, it is said that: 1) Exposure of 1 second to pavement at 158 ºF can burn human skin. 2) At 158 ºF you can cook an egg on pavement surface in five minutes.

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