All In Aggregate, What is that?

I got this comments “What is all in aggregate (all-in aggregate) ?” during my writing. Have are some information to answer this Q :

All in aggregate is a mixture of coarse material and sand. It is taken directly from natural deposits. Technically, it refers to aggregate containing a proportion of material of all sizes from a pit, river bed, crushing plant or other source. Requirements are the same as for fine and coarse aggregate separately except with regard to grading. The specifications should set maximum limits for the fine and coarse content and for the intermediate grading at various sieve sizes.

All in aggregate is always in cement construction. In flexible pavement design, clean aggregates are required. Therefore, it is not used very often for me, who is a Bituminous materials researcher.

All in aggregate also named Ballast. It is mostly used to repair small cracks and pavement foundations.

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