New Professors of Road Engineering in TU Delft

After more than half a year of waiting, the new professor of Road Engineering for the Road and Railway section, Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences in Delft University of Technology was appointed today. Actually, not one but two new Professors were appointed, one fulltime professor and one part time professor.

The new fulltime Professor of Road Engineering is dr. Tom Scarpas. Currently he is employed at the Section Structural Mechanics where he is Head of the Group ‘Mechanics of Road Materials.

dr. Tom Scarpas

Tom completed his Bachelor of Engineering degree at the Civil Engineering Department of McGill University in Canada. After graduation in 1979 he joined the group of Professor Thomas Pauley in the University of Canterbury, New Zealand, to specialize in Earthquake Engineering. After completing his Master of Engineering degree in 1981, he joined their research team and worked on simulation of earthquake laboratory tests on reinforced concrete structures. In 1982 Tom returned to Greece to join the Section of Reinforced Concrete Structures at the National Technical University of Athens. In 1986 he combined his research activities at the NTUA with the Consultant Engineering Agency, Chronopoulos-Scarpas & Associates, from which he left in 1991 to become a Principal Associate at T. Tsiknias & Associates S.A., Consulting Engineers. In 1990 Tom was invited at the Section of Structural Mechanics at Delft University of Technology in The Netherlands to develop Finite Element software for the analysis of masonry buildings. In 1991 he was invited to stay in that section as a Researcher and became the team leader of the further development of the 3D Computer Aided Pavement Analysis system (CAPA-3D) as a continuation of CAPA-2D, which he had developed in the previous years. In 1998 he became a Senior Researcher and the Coordinator of the Program of Mechanics of Structural Systems at TU Delft, where in the years 1999 and 2000 he got promoted to Assistant and to Associate Professor. Tom has organized numerous international courses and symposia and is an active participant in many constitutive modelling and pavement related events as well as technical committees and is a frequently asked keynote lecturer. He is also the Editor-in-Chief of the International Journal of Pavement Engineering. Over the past 13 years of teaching, research activities and group leadership Tom has developed and maintained a group of people that are performing top-notch research on applied constitutive modelling for pavement analysis and has raised over 6 MEuro of grants for research projects. (reference: Profile @ TU Delft)

The new parttime (0.2 fte) Professor of Road Engineering Practice is dr. Sandra Erkens. She is employed at Rijkswaterstaat, Traffic and Navigation Division (DVS), and is heavily involved in InfraQuest.

dr. Sandra Erkens

PhD dissertation: Asphalt concrete response (ACRe): determination, modelling and prediction (2002, ISBN: 90-407-2326-5)

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