Online Training for Pavement Materials and Design (1)

The following websites are highly recommended for road engineers and researchers). Via these links, many technologies can be reached online.

US federal highway administration: this is a very useful database!! Almost everything about pavement design and analysis, pavement materials and construction technology, management and preservation, surface characteristics. And publications, software, together with technical guidance.

Pavement Interactive: both basic and technical information about Pavement materials and tests, Construction, Maintenance and management are posted on this site. (can be used for beginner.)

TxDOT Pavement Design and Analysis Training Site: a nice website, but some Sections require a password to access. Send an email to the contact person can request one password.

@Asphalt Institute: a wide variety of technical information about the asphalt industry, includes design, maintenance, construction, etc.

Online training via information about Crack Treatments, Chip Seal and Micro Slurry. Specialized technology for those who is dealing with surface dressing, seals, etc.

Pavement Design Course: provides guidance for design of pavements and supporting materials for roads, streets, walks and open storage areas.

Pavement Design Guide: provide a detailed pavement overview covering all materials, design, construction and maintenance. Edited by Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). Information includes flexible pavement and rigid pavement.

Free Training Videos: free training videos offered by NCAT, on Recognizing Pavement Distresses, Recycling Asphalt Mixtures and Warm-Mix Asphalt.

@e-asphalt: basic information on bitumen and asphalt properties.

Design Manual for Roads and Bridges: Highway Structures, Pavement Design & Maintenance

This post will be updated manually. For more technical training documents, please refer to the Academic link page.

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