KPN in the Netherlands, sucks

I hate KPN from my heart. They treat their customers like air. You call their service, no good answer. You complain, and no results. After my life got fucked up by KPN, I know I

need to write something to remind others.

KPN is a Dutch landline and mobile company. I signed a one-year house telephone contract with with this company last year. Three months before the dealine, I called their service to cancel my contract. Unfortunately, their service staff just kicked me to another tel-service number every time. I asked to stop the contract and pay the rest fees by one time. But he/she told me I can not cancel it. This is ridiculous!! Their service told me it will automatically stop at the end of this one year contract. So, I chose to trust them and wait for the automatically ending.

One month before the deadline of my one-yeat contract , I received the invoice from them again. It asked me for 2 months fee!! One month is out of my one year contract!! KPN took money away from my bank. Which means they took one month extra.

So called KPN service number again. And no body wants to solve this problem for me. Instead, you transferred me to another and another staff. What makes weird is that one of the servicer said they were busy and I must wait until he calls me back!! No call from them after one day waiting.

After so many calls, I know tel-service does NOT work in such terrible company. So I am sending them a registerred letter to ask them to stop my contract. In the letter I said that what I need is to stop my contract. If they can stop it, I do not care about the fee that I paid for extra one month! The second day, KPN called me and told me that my contract was canclled.

I was so happy even I paid more and spent so much money and time on fighting with KPN. However, this is not the end.

Later, KPN took money from my bank automatically for another two months. This time even without sending me invoice………………What I can do? There is one way, ask the bank to block their account. I hope this will work. God bless me.

This is not just happend on me. One of my collegue signed a contract with KPN and got the same problems when he asked for concel it. Actually, this is not cancel. It should stop at the end of the contract. But for KPN, it can not stop. You need to try you best to fight with them to get it stop.

What a fucking company is!!

3 thoughts on “KPN in the Netherlands, sucks

  1. paola

    oh my god, I made a search on google: “kpn sucks” ans I wish I had done it before choosing them as providers!!! I understand you very well, you feel impotent, they are useless!! I have no internet since more tahn 2 weeks, my modem got broken!!! 1st deliverer was blind and stupid, my 60 YO aunt was there and this idiot was not able to see the modem sitting near the TV, so he just left saying that there was no old modem to pick up, the 2nd person we had on the phone gave us some bullshit that he was going to sen the new modem by post during the next 5 days, 5 days later and still no modem, I call them to learn that this order was NEVER taken into account!!!! so I program a new deliver and now they leave me sitting at home and never show up!!!!

    we are going to get another internet provider this weekend and as soon as we get the other one working we are going to cancel the KPN payments so that they dont take the money from our bank…

    this is so sad… once and again, as a user you are helpless in face of companies, you are treated like shit, asked money for service you dont receive…

    and thinking they could have at least given us a USB key for internet access like the one they gave us when we signed the contract, but they claimed this was only for new contracts. So stupid… apparently this people does not know that getting a new client costs to the company more money than keeping old clients… a bit CRM lessons wouldnt damage KPN… I hate them truly!!!

    1. Yue

      Good luck when you want to cancel the contract with KPN. It is really difficult to cancel!! Yesterday I got the invoice again!!!!! I even do not know what I can do for this…. :twisted:

  2. Enku

    Yes they suck! Getting their service is one heck of a job. Cancelling their contract is even more worse. Calling their 0900 number after a long hold, and telling you everything is done. Next month you call, they tell u they have no idea. I had Digitene TV contract with them, I told them to cancel and it took them 3 months to get it done. The guy came to my home and took the tuner but still, even after they took the tuner, I realised they were charging me monthly payment. Thanks to ABN amro, I got it all back. but they have already get my nerve!
    KPN Suuuuuuuuuuuuuucks!

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