Useful Links for Road Engineerings


1. Get data from pictures.

Academic Institutes: 

Road department in TU Delft: The Road and Railway Engineering section in Delft University of Technology (TU Delft) deals with fundamental and applied research into road and railway building materials and with the technical knowledge, insights and skills for the structural (and functional) design, construction, management and maintenance of infrastructure for land-based traffic. The focus is on railway tracks and pavement structures (asphalt, concrete, small element pavement) including the unbound or bound base and the sub-base. This website offers their research topics, actives and publications.

硅酸盐建筑材料国家重点实验室:It is the department where I obtained my Master degree. It is the pioneer organisation in China on Silicon based materials. The road engineering section is also world famous and achieved a lot of remarkable results. This website is in Chinese and provide general information and news.

NAPA National Asphalt Pavement Association: Many nice research reports, recommended!!

California Asphalt Pavement Association: many information on porous asphalt, recycling, high stability mix, rubber asphalt, warm mix asphalt and superpave.

Texas Transportation Institute (TTI): The Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), a member of The Texas A&M University System, seeks solutions to the problems and challenges facing all modes of transportation. From this website, you can find their research topics, latest results, events and lots of publications.